India’s Spectacular Sunrise Peaks – A Guest Post by Rohit

Pulped Travel is thrilled to welcome guest poster Rohit Agarwal; a traveller and blogger who shares his travel experiences on the website  Here he writes about the beautiful sunrises India has to offer in a variety of destinations across this spectacular country.


Sunrise is the time when the sun rises above the horizon and breaks through the darkness of the night. It is the best time of the day, symbolising new beginning and hope. Just like after every dark night ends with the rising sun, so is the case with life. Sunrise is a perfect assurance for the people who get so disheartened by the atrocities of life that they lose hope of better days and new opportunities. Just gazing at this magnificent view of the horizon, when the sun awakens the earth with its rays of hope, is mesmerizing and a perfect start to the day. India has some spectacular sunrise peaks and the best seven of them are listed below:

  1. Kanyakumari
Sea Temple (source – dashingvishal)

If we talk about sunrise and sunsets in India, Kanyakumari is one such place which would come first to anyone’s mind. Sunrise of Kanyakumari is not only famous in India, but also worldwide. The miraculous beauty of the place attracts numerous tourists throughout the year. It is the southernmost tip of India where three gigantic seas meet. The added effect of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and statue of Thiruvalluvar make it even more wonderful. I believe the spectacular view of the sunrise at Kanyakumari will leave you in awe.

  1. Chandrashila Peak
Chandrashila Peak (source – Varun Shiv Kapur)

Chandrashila is the highest peak of Uttrakhand which offers an incredible experience for all the trekking and nature enthusiasts. Only a few people have the courage to actually trek to Chandrashila which gets steeper towards the peak. But take it from me, all the agony is totally worth it. It provides you with a 360-degree panoramic view of the snow covered Himalayan peaks, especially that of the Chaukhamba Peak as well as other peaks that are simply breathtaking. The beauty of the place is so heavenly that it cannot be put into words.

  1. Great Rann of Kutch
The Great Rann of Kutch (source – Kaushik Patel)

It is located in the Thar desert in the Kutch District, which lies partly in India (Gujarat) and the rest in Pakistan (Sindh Province). It is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. It keeps changing its forms according to the season. It is a barren land in summer, lake in monsoon and a white salt desert in winter for about three months. That is the time period when it offers you an experience which you will cherish forever. The enchanting view of sun rays falling on the white sand which makes it turn into red and even shine like little drops of gold. The beauty of the magical Great Rann lies in the fact that it is so huge that it goes far beyond your sight.

  1. Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill (source – Shankar S)

It is one of the highest peaks of Darjeeling. The fact that from here one not only enjoys the sunrise but also the overall experience of the place is so amazing which makes it one of a kind. The weather is obviously cold, owing to its high altitude. Amidst the chilly winds, when the sun rises the warmth of its rays and the panoramic view is relieving for the soul and definitely a treat for the eyes. Watching the Mt. Kangchenjunga change its colour to glittery golden because of the sun rays will surely make you fall in love with nature.

  1. Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills (source – Sarangib)

It is an ancient hill which is found in the state of Karnataka. It is a perfect weekend getaway near  Bangalore. Nandi Hills are a famous tourist attraction site of Karnataka, but the sunrise from the hill top is the most amazing part of the whole experience. If you are lucky enough, you may get the most amazing view with clouds beneath the sky and sun stretching through the clouds. The spectacular view of the sunrise with a feeling of literally walking on clouds. Could things get any better than that?

  1. Kundadri
Kundadri (source – Manjeshpv)

Agumbe is a small village in the Shimoga district of Karnataka and Kundadri is the sunrise point near Agumbe. Compared to the whole of western Ghats, Kundadri offers the most amazing sunrise views. The effect of the clouds enhances the beauty of the sunrise. The serenity of this soothing sight is not to be missed.

  1. Puri Beach
Puri Beach (source – Asim Chaudhuri)

It is a beach of the city of Puri located in the state of Orissa on the north eastern cast of India. As well as being a relaxing holiday destination, Puri’s beach also has some religious beliefs associated with it, attracting pilgrims from everywhere. Try to get to the beach at dawn if you do not want to miss the blissful view of the horizon, when the sun seems to be rising from beneath the sea and slowly lighting up the whole sky with its striking rays.

Every sunrise is beautiful and charming in its own way. But these seven sunrise points have something special about them which makes them worth a visit.


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